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INFINITIVES: Defining Infinitives And The Basic 5 Uses Of Infinitives

INFINITIVES – In this topic, we will discuss the description of infinitives and the five basic ways of using them in a sentence.

By basic definition, an infinitive is a certain verb form which is composed of the word “to” followed by the basic form of a verb.


  • to eat
  • to walk
  • to sing
  • to gain
  • to live
  • to go
  • to sleep
  • to sit
  • to drink
  • to watch

An infinitive has 5 common uses. Here are the following:


It can be used as a subject of the sentence


  • To drink milk in the evening helps making you sleep.
  • To eat in the computer lab is prohibited
  • To travel in the road with friends is a worthwhile experience.

Direct Object

An infinitive can be used as a receiver of the verb.


  • I have come to gather my stuff.
  • Martha quietly hid to avoid the people following her.
  • The lumberjack went to chop some wood in the forest.

Subject Complement

As per the website, subject complements are like direct objects but they are followed after a linking verb(e.g. is,are,was,were).


  • My objective is to aid the poor
  • His dream is to act in movies.
  • David’s mission was to scout the base.


It can be used as an adjective to describe the noun.


  • I have no reason to argue
  • She has the audacity to complain about rights.
  • The man has the necessary tools to build a motorcycle.


Lastly, the infinitive is used to modify the verb.


  • I had seen enough to say you are nothing but a liar.
  • Bob eats meat to gain more weight.
  • Abigail loves to watch cartoons.

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