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Meanings & Examples of Regular Noun and Irregular Noun

REGULAR NOUN & IRREGULAR NOUN – Here are the meanings and examples of regular nouns and irregular nouns.

In the English subject, one of the very important lessons whose usefulness extends to other lessons in other subjects is the Parts of Speech. To count, there are eight(8) of them.

One of the most common part of speech in English is the noun. It refers to the name of a person, place, animal, event, idea, or thing. It may be a proper one starting with a big letter or a common noun starting in small letter.

With regards to nouns, there are actually several kinds or types depending on certain factors. One of the classification has something to do with its quantity.

Regular Noun & Irregular Noun

In this article, we will talk about the meanings and the examples of a regular and irregular nouns.

Regular Nouns

Regular nouns are those whose spelling do not change even when there is a change in number. They usuallyend with “s” if they are in plural form.


  • Bat – Bats
  • Cap – Caps
  • Tree – Trees
  • Pen – Pens
  • Park – Parks
  • Boat – Boats
  • Jacket – Jackets
  • Website – Website
  • Phone – Phones
  • Bracelet – Bracelets

Irregular Nouns

With regards to the meaning of irregular nouns, these nouns are those whose spelling changes when there is a change in its number or quantity.


  • Goose – Geese
  • Mouse – Mice
  • Loaf – Loaves
  • Ox – Oxen
  • Man – Men
  • Woman – Women
  • Cactus – Cacti
  • Appendix – Appendices
  • Person – People
  • Child – Children

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