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PNP Plans Investigation Of Alleged 'Staged' Selling Of Chinese Flags

PNP Plans Investigation Of Alleged ‘Staged’ Selling Of Chinese Flags

The Philippines National Police Is Planning To Investigate The ‘Staged’ Selling Of Chinese Flags

PNP PLANS – An alleged ‘staged’ selling of Chinese flags at Luneta park was reported days before the coming Philippines Independence Day.

PNP Plans
Photo taken from Shared News

CCTV footage reveals three personas behind the recent issue of supplying Chinese flags for vendors to sell at Luneta. National Parks Development Committee (NPDC) released the footage which was then forwarded it to media outlets.

Upon hearing the news, the Philippine National Police (PNP) immediately took action and called for an investigation on the report yesterday.

Brig. Gen.Vicente Danao – Manila Police District director was lead by the national police chief Gen. Oscar Albayalde to uncover the personas behind the movement.

Reportedly, the act to sell Chinese Flags at the national park was ‘staged’, according to the National Parks Development Committee (NPDC).

Albayalde confirmed the ongoing investigation on the recent issue as he stated to the media staff:

“We will look into it. It could be the work of someone who wants to get media mileage. Maybe it’s just a stunt.”

Penelope Belmonte – the executive director of NPDC – claims that she knew about the photos being posted on social media platforms were arranged. She found out after confronting four street vendors (including one minor-aged) after they were arrested.

The commemoration is set to be held at the national park tomorrow.

The photos of the vendors allegedly selling the Chinese flags were posted on social media and immediately went viral.

The vendors also confessed receiving P100 from unknown men to pose as if they were selling the said Chinese flags to visitors, according to Belmonte.

This is according to an article from PhilStar.

“There is fake news circulating on social media that Chinese flags are being sold in Rizal Park. It is not true,” Belmonte said refuting the news going around that Chinese flags are being sold at the Rizal park.

That is all there is to it, at least for now. We’ll post updates as soon as we got them.

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