Canned Meat Products Imported With African Swine Fever

Imported Canned Goods Tested Positive For African Swine Fever

CANNED MEAT – Canned meat products from countries affected by African swine fever manufactured within August 2018 are being recalled by FDA.

Canned meat
Photo taken from Philippine Star

The African swine fever have already affected a huge number of hogs from different countries. In a previous report, it has been apparent that the swine fever have already spread across countries.

A case of the African swine fever was reported in the ASEAN.

The Department of Agriculture in the Philippines have set the Pork Importation Ban back in August of 2018. This bans the import of meat products from countries that are affected by the African swine fever.

Even bringing of canned meat and pork-based goods were prohibited in local sea ports and air port terminals. Foot baths were also installed in several locations.

As of now, the African swine fever has already spread across 17 countries.

An overseas worker was apprehended in the in the airport last week and 32 canned meat products ‘Luncheon Meat’ from Hong Kong was confiscated.

Manny Piñol – secretary of Department of Agriculture – said the department are deploying K-9 sniffing units to detect the imported canned products.

However, they are also looking to install x-ray machines to be put for “quarantine purposes.”

Also looking at the possibility that some of the products have made it past security and screening, the meat products from affected countries that are manufactured within August of 2018.

Eric Dominggo, FDA’s Officer in Charge, a recall order for all the affected products.

Local hog raisers, on the other hand, are planning to make an appeal for the government to temporarilyy ban meat importation as from affected countries, especially from the severely affected areas.

This is according to a report from ABS CBN

They also said that the supply of pork would still be adequate despite the temporary ban of imports.

That is all there is to it, at least for now. We’ll post updates as soon as we got them.

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