EARTHQUAKES: List of Quakes That Hit Philippines Today (May 22)

More Than 12 Earthquakes Rocked Philippines Today (May 22)

EARTHQUAKES – Here is a list of the quakes that hit the Philippines today, May 22.

A lot of earthquakes hit the Philippines daily. In fact, little shaking seems tolerable for people in other places in the country that are frequently visited by quakes.

The reason why PH is usually hit by quakes is its geographical location. It is near the Pacific Ring of Fire thus the movement of the plates can often times be felt.

In PH, the government agency that records details about the earthquakes in the different areas in the country is the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology. It is more commonly called as Phivolcs.

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For today, May 22, here is a list of the earthquakes recorded by Phivolcs including their magnitude and location:

01:25 AM

Location: 051 km N 85° E of General Luna (Surigao Del Norte)
Magnitude: 3.0

01:58 AM

Location: 005 km S 37° W of Hinunangan (Southern Leyte)
Magnitude: 2.4

02:01 AM

Location: 014 km S 78° W of San Miguel (Surigao Del Sur)
Magnitude: 2.0

03:13 AM

Location: 015 km S 76° W of Burgos (Ilocos Norte)
Magnitude: 2.3

04:06 AM

Location: 009 km S 60° E of Catigbian (Bohol)
Magnitude: 1.8

04:32 AM

Location: 068 km S 44° W of Hinoba-an (Negros Occidental)
Magnitude: 2.5

05:16 AM

Location: 132 km S 58° E of Governor Generoso (Davao Oriental)
Magnitude: 3.0

07:54 AM

Location: 011 km N 70° E of Baculin (Davao Oriental)
Magnitude: 2.1

08:45 AM

Location: 007 km N 49° E of Hinabangan (Western Samar)
Magnitude: 2.8

11:19 AM

Location: 009 km N 89° E of Sibagat (Agusan Del Sur)
Magnitude: 1.9

11:39 AM

Location: 004 km N 15° W of Tago (Surigao Del Sur)
Magnitude: 3.0

12:22 PM

Location: 059 km S 71° E of Dolores (Eastern Samar)
Magnitude: 2.7

12:38 PM

Location: 004 km S 69° E of Sipocot (Camarines Sur)
Magnitude: 3.6

12:48 PM

Location: 017 km S 84° W of Rizal (Occidental Mindoro)
Magnitude: 2.1

02:58 PM

Location: 299 km S 71° E of Sarangani (Davao Occidental)
Magnitude: 3.5

Information: Phivolcs

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