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4:16 PM May 18, 2019

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4:16 PM May 18, 2019

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Several Earthquakes Rock Philippines Today (May 18)

EARTHQUAKES – Here is a list of the quakes that hit the areas within the Philippines today, May 18.

The Philippines lies along the Ring of Fire. Thus, compared to several other countries across the globe, it is more prone to earthquakes. Almost every day, there are shaking in the different parts of the country.

These shaking are recorded by the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology. More commonly known as Phivolcs, this government body is the one keeping the public posted of the details regarding quakes.

Also, Phivolcs issue tsunami alerts in case there are risks due to a strong quake that has hit near the shore. For today, the government agency has quite a long list of quakes that rocked the different parts of PH.

Photo: National Parks Service

Based on the bulletins’ released by Phivolcs, here is a list of the earthquakes that hit the different areas in the Philippines today, May 18:

12:07 AM

Location: 024 km S 14° E of Rizal (Occidental Mindoro)
Magnitude: 2.4

12:18 AM

Location: 027 km N 19° W of Santa Monica (Sapao) (Surigao Del Norte)
Magnitude: 3.2

12:20 AM

Location: 014 km N 81° W of Boston (Davao Oriental)
Magnitude: 2.9

12:22 AM

Location: 123 km S 66° E of Jose Abad Santos (Davao Occidental)
Magnitude: 3.2

12:30 AM

Location: 047 km N 84° E of Prieto Diaz (Sorsogon)
Magnitude: 2.1

12:58 AM

Location: 427 km S 56° E of Sarangani (Davao Occidental)
Magnitude: 4.1

01:20 AM

Location: 012 km N 54° W of Santa Monica (Sapao) (Surigao Del Norte)
Magnitude: 1.7

01:34 AM

Location: 010 km N 89° E of Bombon (Camarines Sur)
Magnitude: 2.0

01:46 AM

Location: 005 km S 75° W of Dapa (Dinagat)
Magnitude: 1.6

02:25 AM

Location: 012 km N 81° E of Anda (Bohol)
Magnitude: 1.9

02:56 AM

Location: 032 km N 16° W of Santa Monica (Sapao) (Surigao Del Norte)
Magnitude: 2.4

03:13 AM

Location: 008 km S 09° W of Dilasag (Aurora)
Magnitude: 3.2

03:17 AM

Location: 020 km S 56° W of Calayan (Cagayan)
Magnitude: 2.5

03:50 AM

Location: 007 km S 72° E of General Luna (Surigao Del Norte)
Magnitude: 2.9

04:38 AM

Location: 007 km N 72° W of Socorro (Surigao Del Norte)
Magnitude: 2.7

06:11 AM

Location: 015 km S 73° E of San Isidro (Davao Oriental)
Magnitude: 3.0

06:13 AM

Location: 053 km S 29° W of Sabtang (Batanes)
Magnitude: 2.9

08:18 AM

Location: 005 km N 38° W of Del Carmen (Surigao Del Norte)
Magnitude: 1.5

09:28 AM

Location: 004 km S 83° E of San Miguel (Bohol)
Magnitude: 1.8

09:37 AM

Location: 010 km N 65° E of San Miguel (Bohol)
Magnitude: 1.8

09:40 AM

Location: 002 km S 40° E of San Miguel (Bohol)
Magnitude: 2.6

09:42 AM

Location: 015 km S 31° E of Pres. Carlos P. Garcia (Pitogo) (Bohol)
Magnitude: 2.1

10:28 AM

Location: 044 km S 57° E of Governor Generoso (Davao Oriental)
Magnitude: 3.3

11:35 AM

Location: 002 km S 30° W of San Fernando (Camarines Sur)
Magnitude: 3.3

12:38 PM

Location: 028 km S 85° E of San Julian (Eastern Samar)
Magnitude: 3.9

02:12 PM

Location: 016 km N 25° W of Paluan (Occidental Mindoro)
Magnitude: 2.0

Information: Phivolcs

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