Kris Aquino: What Will She Do If She Goes ZERO BALANCE?

What will Kris Aquino do if she goes zero balance?

KRIS AQUINO – The social media star Kris Aquino answered question on what she will do if she goes zero balance on all her accounts.

Indeed, among the wealthiest personalities is Kris Aquino. Despite not having television appearance where she gets her income, she found ways to still live lavishly from her hard-earned money. She invested into various businesses and even put up a production company. She made an empire for herself.

And by then, endorsements still flood her way and she is still one of the most trusted product endorsers. Now, some people may wonder and asked, will she ever go zero balance? Well, she has an answer to this.

The netizen asked her: “Hi! Miss Kris… If your bank account went to zero what would be your action? What plan of action would you lay out to build your empire back?”

To which she answered: “Hello Carlo… hindi maze-zero because several of my accounts are held in long term trusts in several banks. My mom had long said that if the interest rates were too good to be true (at that time she said anything yielding more than 8% AVOID them and look elsewhere that had more feasible interest rates). “

She further added that the money for her two sons are in investments portfolios and that they have irrevocable trust accounts. She also gave an advice and that is to spread out your money and investments. Don’t put all your eggs on one basket. Aside from that, she shared that they also have emergency cash.

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And here are some of the comments from the post:

Don’t put the eggs in one basket. Common dinominator sa mga taong may pera na marunong humawak ng pera. 

We really need a government official as transparent as you memsh! But no rush.

Di ko lang ma imagine kong paano ma zero balance ang isang Kris Aquino.. kahit ninanakawan ng milyones kaya deadmahin mo nalang yan gurl

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