Jesus Falcis Reacts To Possible Kris Aquino-Nicko Falcis Settlement

This is the reaction of Jesus Falcis to the possible settlement between Kris Aquino and Nicko Falcis

Atty. Jesus Falcis shared his reaction regarding the possible settlement between social media influencerKris Aquino and finance whiz Nicko Falcis.

Nicko and Jesus Falcis
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Amid the issue between Kris and Nicko, who was her former business partner, Jesus, as a brother of the latter is always ready to defend.

The Falcis brothers have been strong in their conviction that they are on the right side as several complaints of Kris against Nicko have been dismissed already.

Nicko and Jesus filed grave threat complaint against Kris which was also dismissed.

Kris Aquino
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Prior to that, Kris has withdrawn her case against Nicko in Mandaluyong. With this, it appeared that a possible settlement will happen between two parties.

In line with this possibility, Jesus Falcis expressed his thoughts on his Instagram account.

“As a supporting actor in my brother’s involuntary drama, I will give a chance for peace and quite. But I am watching. If the negotiation is unfair like before…I hope not. For everyone’s peace of mind,” he wrote.

screenshot from @jesusfalcis IG

He also shared the comment of Kris Aquino which iterated the alleged “pagnanakaw”.

Aquino Versus Falcis
Photo source: ANC

“Just to be clear, again, hindi ka ninakawan. I promised my brother temporary peace and quiet but I will clarify any lie I hear regardless. Kaya mo nga winithdraw yung sa 2 cities di ba? Kasi alam mo ma di dismiss na din yun,” the lawyer said.

screenshot from @jesusfalcis IG

Several netizens who commented about this on a popular news site stressed out that Jesus Falcis should keep his silence since the issue does not involve him directly.

“pwede ba na the parties involved lang ang mag talk? kaya humaba at lumaki ang issue na yan because of the brother and somehow gretchen na rin. niko is an intellect. so is kris. they were emotional at those times. pero please lang, let both parties settle. they made a great team before. i don’t expect them to team up though, at least let them part ways peacefully this time.. so brother, hush na…” a netizen commented.

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