Kris Aquino & Nicko Falcis Reach Out To Each Other After Grave Threat Case Dismissal

Kris Aquino and Nicko Falcis reached out to each other.

KRIS AQUINO – The celebrity Kris Aquino and KCAP’s former managing director Nicko Falcis finally talked after dismissal of grave threat case.

One of the most publicized legal battles is of Kris Aquino and her production company’s former managing director Nicko Falcis. Accordingly, the latter stole money from her, they tried to mediate their financial issue but to no avail, thus, reaching the point of taking it to the court.

In their legal battles, a lot of issues has been dragged and revealed including the shocking audio recording of Aquino’s alleged death threats to Falcis, the amounts which was reportedly stolen, and many more.

This was then the Falcis brothers filed grave threats case against Aquino. However, this was just recently dismissed due to “total absence of proof that complainant Nicko and his family took steps to ensure his safety… considering the financial resources and connection/influence of respondent to carry out her threat.”

Now, after it got dismissed, the two camps seemingly has this snap. Aquino and Falcis talked out the matter as they both reached out to each other.

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Kris Aquino
Photo grabbed on IG
Kris Aquino
Photo grabbed on IG
Kris Aquino
Photo grabbed on IG

Here are the various reactions of the netizens to this according to an entertainment website:

Hay naku mag ayos na kayo kasi sa true lang both of you made a lot of money together. Mas ok na magkakakampi kayo than adversaries. May pinagsamahan naman kayo ayusin nyo na for peace on earth.

Both reaching out is a good sign and good start. Hope everything will be resolved and tama naman wag na isali o sumali pa ang ibang tao. Tutal silang 2 lang naman ang ang issue sa pera. Wag na makisawsaw pa ang ibang tao

She can do the ubusan ng yaman, but remember, kalaban ng sakit nya ang stress. She knows how to pick her battles, and she knows when to call a truce. Magtigil na sila, sayang sa oras yan.

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