World Health Organization Suggests 1-Hour Limit On Kids’ Gadget Use

World Health Organization Recommends Kids’ Gadget Use To Be Limited for 1 Hour Only

WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION – The World Health Organization (WHO) revealed that kids should be allowed to use gadgets with one(1) hour limit only.

Visibly, the world that the young generation are living in now is really far different from what the senior citizens of today’s have experienced. One visible aspect is when it comes to playing.

Nowadays, a lot of children would prefer playing in front of computers, mobile phones, and tablets than go out and play with other kids in the streets. The young ones allot so much time in front of the screens.

On the positive side, the kids now are brilliant and well-equipped in using the technology. They can also learn a lot from educational videos and programs that they can watch using gadgets.

The important thing with regards to gadgets is that its usage should be provided with limits. That is what the World Health Organization (WHO) suggests to the parents.


Based on a report on ABS-CBN News, the World Health Organization experts convened and studied the gadget use of the kids. The discussion led to the discovery that the children should be allowed to use gadgets but for one(1) hour or less only daily.

According to the Organization, in order for the children to grow healthy, the “sit less and play more” concept should be observed. Even the young ones who are below one(1) year old should be given time to play in mats.

World Health Organization
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With regards to physical activities like playing with real toys, a minimum of three-hour playtime for kids is recommended to the parents. Puzzles and other educational toys are highly suggested for the children.

According to Headway School for Giftedness principal Ijssel Alejandro Menes, over exposure to gadget screens may lead to children developing screen dependency disorder.

Based on the report, kids who have this kind of condition will develop a habit of constantly looking for the gadget even from the moment he or she wakes up.

Indeed, parents should really impose a strict limit on the kids’ use of the gadgets to avoid it.

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