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List of the 4 Kinds of Adverb + Their Meaning & Examples

KINDS OF ADVERB – Here is a list of the four(4) types of adverb and the meaning and examples of each.

One of the parts of speech is the adverb – it is a word that modifies a verb, a clause, or another adverb in a sentence. It provides further information on how the action is done, its frequency, or at what time of the day.

In this article, we will discuss more about adverbs. We will give to know the different kinds of adverb and the meaning and examples under each type.

Kinds of Adverb

Based on an article on Study and Exam, there are four(4) kinds of adverb. Each bears a unique meaning and function as shown the examples below.

1. Manner

Under this type, adverbs serve the purpose of providing information on how the action is done. They usually end with “-ly”.


  • The mother angrily told her son to get inside his room.
  • The teacher read the story to the students loudly so everyone can hear it.
  • Simon sadly fixed his broken car toy.

2. Place

Adverbs under this type indicate where the action occurred or is bound to happen.


  • Jeremy asked Santi to come inside.
  • The choir members are coming here.
  • Dr. Montefalco left the box of medicines outside the house.

3. Time

Based on the article, the adverbs under this type indicate the time of occurrence of the action.


  • Susan sent the letter yesterday.
  • The firemen arrived at the camp early.
  • He is waiting for you now.

4. Frequency

The fourth one in the four(4) kinds of adverb is the adverb of frequency. It tells how often the action is done.


  • Nadine usually brings food on her bag.
  • They seldom visit their grandfather in the province.
  • Sid is calling Myrna again and again but there’s no response.
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