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SAP Bong Go Recently Stripped His Back To Show He’s Clean

BONG GO RESPONDED – It has been a hot issue recently that Bong Go has an alleged tattoo on his back that would prove that he is linked to drug syndicates.

In our recent post, SAP Bong Go has been in an argument with several senatorial candidates. This was after an Alyas “Bikoy” said in a viral video that the Special Assistant to the President allegedly has a dragon tattoo on his back.

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Following this, SAP Bong Go received numerous challenges asking him to show his back to disprove the allegations. Bong Go responded to that in a video posted by GMA 7 reporter Cedric Castillo on Twitter.

Here a preview of the actual video shared by GMA News :

SAP Bong Go slightly lifted his shirt up to show a part of his back during his campaign at San Pedro, Laguna to disprove the allegations about him having a tattoo. But it certainly did not convince the people challenging him.

One of senatorial candidates even posted a video showing how to remove his shirt. Read more about it here.

SAP Bong Go finally removed his shirt entirely as showed in the video.

Posted at 8:55pm on April 9, 2019, the 32-second video now has 15,100+ views and has been retweeted 28 times.

As we scrolled through the twitter comments, we found out that there has been different reactions to the video.Negative and positive reactions to the

That is all there is to it for now, we’ll post updates as soon as we get them.

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