Keempee De Leon ‘Showtime’ Guesting Has Joey de Leon’s Permission?

Joey de Leon permitted the It’s Showtime guesting of Keempee de Leon?

Former Eat Bulaga host Keempee de Leon was asked if his father Joey de Leon permitted his guesting on the rival Kapamilya show It’s Showtime.

Keempee had been a part of the longest-running noontime show in the Philippines for 14 years. However, his stint as an EB host ended without any clarity.

Based on a previous article, the actor-host expected that he would still comeback in the show but his expectation did not happen anymore.

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During a recent press conference, Keempee admitted that he has “tampo” to Eat Bulaga because of what happened. He also expressed that he is open in hosting its rival show It’s Showtime.

In line with his guesting to the Kapamilya noontime show to promote his upcoming TV series Ngumiti ang Langit, the actor-host was asked what was the reaction of his father and former EB co-hosts about this.

When asked if he asked permission to his father to appear in It’s Showtime, Keempee de Leon said, “Honestly, hindi.”

“Hindi naman sa porke’t maggi-guest ako, e, tatapatan ko sila o nagrebelde. Ako naman, about professionalism. Ito ay trabaho ko,” he added, based on PEP’s report.

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Keempee also opened up about his apprehensions before.

“Ang hirap lang kasi, sabi nila, kasi andun si Daddy nga, dahil work ethics. Isa pa, kung ano ang iisipin ni Daddy,” he added.

The actor-host also said that he does not intend to set rivalry or to be tagged as a rebel for appearing on the Kapamilya noontime show.

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However, in the end, Keempee did what he thought would be good for him, based on the article.

“Kumbaga, my respect is with my dad. And Eat Bulaga! is there for 40 years. Ako, ito, is promotion ng show and nakalipat na ako. I guess I have to make my own decisions,” he shared.

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