Here’s Teddy Corpuz reaction to JK Labajo issue.

JK LABAJO ISSUE – The rock star and “Rocksteddy” front man Teddy Corpuz reacted to the issue of young artist JK Labajo cursing a fan during an event.

In a previous article, the young rock star, former grand finalist of The Voice Kids, JK Labajo, made a loud buzz online after cursing a fan when it shouted “I love you, Darren” amid his band’s performance during an event.

He received backlash over his rude attitude but some have clearly understand his sudden reaction and response as it is accordingly really offensive for an artist to have other names called while he is the one performing.

And now, the rock star and one of the famous names in the field,Teddy Corpuz, the front man of Rocksteddy has reacted to it. This was during the press conference of his film “Papa Pogi”.

He said, “Siguro, meron siyang, as a rakista, meron siyang… may social responsibility ka rin sa mga nakikinig sa’yo. Pero sa character kasi lalabas at lalabas yung character mo talaga sa gig eh. Kumbaga kung sino ka talaga sa gig… Hindi ko sure kung it’s a knack to be a rakista kasi pwede akong kumanta dito na parang lasing… Hindi ko alam kung ba yun or it’s a persona sine-send nila. Or attitude. It’s their own true self eh.”

He also added if it’s what has come out from the mouth of JK, perhaps, that’s what he really is. He also wanted to talk to the young artist and suggest to slightly slow it down when it comes to cursing. He cited reason that maybe youngsters think that it looks cool to say those foul words.

Teddy also said that maybe he just needs guidance from a “rakista”. And if given the time and chance to be able to talk with Labajo, he said that he would probably advise him to just take things “steadily” and if it ever happens to him again.

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