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List of PhilHealth Monthly Contribution Rate Based on Income of Member

PHILHEALTH MONTHLY CONTRIBUTION RATE – Here is a list of the monthly contribution rates for PhilHealth members based on income.

In the Philippines, a government program that seeks to help the Filipino people in terms of their medical health expenses is the PhilHealth. Millions of Filipinos are members of the said program.

One of the benefits of being a member of the PhilHealth is that this program can aid you in terms of hospital expenses in cases of confinement. The member and his or her parents and minor children are covered.

For an active membership with PhilHealth, you have to pay for the PhilHealth monthly contribution rate set for you. The rates are based on the income of the member.

PhilHealth Monthly Contribution Rates

The monthly contribution rate of a member is at the rate of 2.75% of his or her basic monthly salary. It will be shared equally by the employee and employer in terms of working individuals.

Do you want to know how much will be your PhilHealth monthly contribution rate? Here is a list of the rates based on income and employment.

For Members with Basic Monthly Salary of Php 10,000.00 and below:

Monthly Contribution Rate: Php 275.00
Employee/Personal Share: Php 137.50
Employer Share: Php 137.50

For Members with Basic Monthly Salary of Php 10,000.01 to Php 39,999.99:

Monthly Contribution Rate: Php 275.02 to Php 1,099.99
Employee/Personal Share: Php 137.51 to Php 549.99
Employer Share: Php 137.51 to Php 549.99

For Members with Basic Monthly Salary of Php 40,000.00 and above:

Monthly Contribution Rate: Php 1,100.00
Employee/Personal Share: Php 550.00
Employer Share: Php 550.00

For Self-Employed / Individual Payers / Overseas Feilipino Workers

Monthly Contribution Rate: Php 2,400.00

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