Old Man Saves Coins For 2 Years To Buy Brandnew Motorcycle

An old man saved a massive amount of coins for almost two years just to buy a brand new motorcycle unit at a certain motorcycle dealer.

Nowadays, people could already avail brand new motorcycle units and vehicles on credit for 3-year- payment scheme.

However, clients taking installment plans would pay much more than the actual price of the unit.

Old Man

Recently, a Facebook user named Angel Gel Azarb has uploaded the photo of an old man wh bought a motorcycle unit using the coins he saved for two years.

The old man identified as Rodrigo M. Cosion took his savings filled with massive amount of P10 could to the motorcycle outlet in Brgy. Tabucan Dumangas Iloilo.

Old Man

Cosion makes a wise of paying the motorcycle unit in cash instead of purchasing it via installment.

Old Man

Here is the full post:

“2years siya nag ipon
para mag karoon nang motor!!
#slamat sir Rodrigo M.Cosio
yawanman kmi isip sa CASH 
mo. hehe 
#nag ipon nag ka RUSI. 😇😇
hmbal ni sir hehe ✌😇😇
Rusi Dumangas OUTLET
[email protected] Tabucan Dumangas Iloilo”

The social media users have also expressed their reactions on the post:

Old Man
Old Man
Old Man

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