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9:58 AM February 21, 2019

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3:08 PM February 22, 2019

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Karen Davila reiterated “college degree” to Senator Manny Pacquiao, netizens reacted about this

Netizens slammed ABS-CBN’s broadcaster Karen Davila for her “college degree” remark to Senator Manny Pacquiao.

During the recent interview that Karen had with the boxing champ who is now a lawmaker, she asked him if he is in favor of Senators and President to have a college degree.

karen davila manny pacquiao
Photo source: @iamkarendavila IG

“Sa mga debate ngayon tinatanong, kailangan ba ng college degree para sa, college degree para sa isang pangulo,sang-ayon ka ba doon Manny?” she asked.

Pacquiao answered that he is in favor of that.

Then, Karen Davila said, “pero kung ganoon, baka hindi ka na mag-qualify.”

The Senator answered that he is studying right now which garnered a follow-up question from the broadcaster, “may college degree ka na?”

Pacman said, “soon”. The questioning about the lawmaker’s education did not stop there.

Davila even asked which school but the boxing champ chose not to tell the name of the school.

In line with how the broadcaster interrogated the Senator regarding his college degree did not sit well with netizens.

karen davila manny pacquiao 1
Photo source: @iamkarendavila IG

There are those who said that the broadcaster showed disrespect to the person who brought pride to the country.

“Nako pinipilit niya talaga si PACMAN nako KAREN yang tinatanong mas malaki ang contribution sa Pinas kaysa sayo hoooyyy nakalimutan ata….college degree walang moral nga….kw karen hah nakaminus ka” – FB user Manjo Reoyan

Some netizens pointed out that even though Pacquiao has no college degree, he is more humane in dealing with other people.

“si Pacquiao walang Degree pero mas mukhang may pinag-aralan pang makitungo at makipag-usap s tao hindi mapanghusga, si Karen may degree pero….. Ewan ang ugali kyo na humusga…” – FB user Ghie SJ

There are some who directly slammed how Karen Davila conducted the interview.

“Well Karen, napatunayan mo na sa interview na to na isa kang Judgemental at walang modo. U spit with ur bad mouth!” – FB user Doña Señiora El Señiorita 

Watch the interview.

Why do you need to rub it in on someone’s face that he is not qualified in case the basis for education is college degree? That is absolutely awful on the part of Karen Davilla.Naka minus ka gyud Karen?Video ctto

Posted by Kapitbahay on Tuesday, February 19, 2019
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