Manny Pacquiao Reacts To Karen Davila’s “College Degree” Remark

Karen Davila’s “college degree” remark received reaction from Manny Pacquiao Senator Manny Pacquiao gave his reaction regarding the “college degree” remark of Karen Davila to him during a recent interview in her show. During that said episode, the ABS-CBN’s broadcast journalist asked the opinion of the boxer/politician regarding the requirements to government officials to have … Read more

Karen Davila Slammed For ‘College Degree’ Remark To Manny Pacquiao

Karen Davila reiterated “college degree” to Senator Manny Pacquiao, netizens reacted about this Netizens slammed ABS-CBN’s broadcaster Karen Davila for her “college degree” remark to Senator Manny Pacquiao. During the recent interview that Karen had with the boxing champ who is now a lawmaker, she asked him if he is in favor of Senators and … Read more