Kris Aquino: Revelations About The World Of The “Queen”

These are the revelations of a writer about the world of a “queen” named Kris Aquino

These are the things happening in the world of a “queen” named Kris Aquino, according to writer Melanie Romana.

The said writer shared her experience once she had the chance to enter the universe of the Queen of all Media who has become a prominent social media influencer.

Romana said that she arrived a little early of the 3PM calltime for the said interview with Kris.

Kris Aquino
Photo source: ABS-CBN / Pinterest

However, it turned out that she was 3 hours early because “Madam” was not feeling well early that day, according to a staff member. Apparently, the interview was just squeezed into Kris’ scheduled endorsement shoot.

While waiting for the camera to roll, Romana said that she did not have the chance to catch Kris’ gaze because the latter’s attention was always to something else.

Kris’ world

Pakikuha ‘yung hypoallergenic flowers? Can someone please bring me hot water with lemon?”  were some of the lines from the social media influencer.

Romana also shared that during the interview, Kris Aquino’s entourage are like an entire community.

“And as the world moves around her, I am just another character in the world of Kris Aquino—the bit player with all the boring questions,” the writer said in her article.

Kris’ word

According to Romana, the last decision always comes from the “queen”. She got the final word when it comes to almost “everything” – from outfits, to food choices, to venues and even accessories.”

For the writer, there were two things she realized:
 1) how everyone in the room seemed to light up around her, constantly mouthing praises in singsong, and
2) how much she seems to expect all that

Everyone does everything on cue – laugh, astonish and gasp on cue, based on the article.

“Her team knows how to please the queen, and appease the queen,” Romana said.

The writer added, “It takes a village to make the queen happy. It takes an entourage to keep the Kris Aquino enterprise rolling.”

Kris’ generosity

Kris is generous that is a fact but Romana cited this statement from Nicko Falcis: “KCA is a very emotional, sensitive, and intelligent boss, but an ultimate utilitarian—she’s very generous when she wants, so she can also be very demanding.”

Nicko also stated that the “queen must be protected at all cost” and that’s the price of the commitment.

Kris’ spell

Romana received information from a source from a competing title that Kris Aquino said to their editor her interview with her was “blah”.

“Shocked, disheartened and embarrassed that she would share this information to a competitor, I suddenly wanted to back out from writing the story,” the writer shared who felt that what Kris did was harsh.

However, she wrote the story eventually as she set aside her bruised ego. Then, Romana said she did not realize she was already “under the spell of the queen.”

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