Jollibee’s 3rd Valentine’s 2019 Video “Anniversary” Officially Released

Jollibee Valentine's 2019 Video Anniversary

3rd Valentine’s 2019 Video of Jollibee Entitled “Anniversary” Touches Hearts Jollibee officially released its 3rd video entitled “Anniversary” for the celebration of the Valentine’s Day 2019. Every February, a lot of people really await the heart-melting videos that Jollibee releases. The popular Pinoy fast-food chain usually posts three(3) videos that feature true stories of some … Read more

Jollibee’s “Choice” Valentine’s 2019 Video Goes Viral, Impresses Netizens

Jollibee Choice Valentine Video

Viral Valentine 2019 Video of Jollibee Entitled “Choice” JOLLIBEE – The Valentine’s special video of Jollibee entitled “Choice” for 2019 went viral on the social media and impressed netizens. Every February, lots of people await the Valentine’s special videos of Jollibee, one of the most prominent and patronized fast-food chains in the Philippines. The said … Read more