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2:42 PM January 11, 2019

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Check out Precious Lara Quigaman bald spot on head.

LARA QUIGAMAN BALD SPOT – The beauty queen Precious Lara Quigaman has bald spot on her head which was discovered by her husband.

Last 2012, Precious Lara Quigaman married Marco Alcaraz in a very simple and yet elegant wedding. Just recently, they welcomed their second and everything just seemingly fell perfectly fit into places for them.

However, not until one thing happened that her husband has discovered on her head one morning while tying her hair – she got a bald spot. She started searching for it from its causes and why it happened and later on found out that it was a “normal postpartum thing”.

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1 Month Post Partum or 4 months pregnant? . Just a few days after giving birth, some relatives and friends visited me and asked "Bakit ang laki pa rin ng tyan mo?!". I know they don't mean anything bad but people can be so insentive, and all those photos of 'celebrities and models' that seems to look so perfect right after giving birth doesn't help either. I mean, hello I just gave birth, i was cut open and a human being came out of me! Can you just congratulate me? It was really difficult to post this photo, to show what the world sees as 'flaws', but well this is the real deal. My body housed 2 beautiful baby boys and it took 9 months each time to grow them in my belly and I have accepted the fact (trying to by God's grace) that it will take some time for my body to go back to the way it was (if it does go back) And if it doesn't, that's okay too. Don't get me wrong I'm happy for those moms who have flat tummies just a few days after giving birth, but we're all different, our bodies are all different and that's okay and I want other mamas out there who are like me, who look at themselves in the mirror and feel sad because of what they see. I want you to know that you are not alone… So to all the mama's out there who are exhausted, who's not had a proper shower, whose breasts are super sore, (I'm crying typing this- kaya natin to mamas) those who can't recognize their own bodies because of the stretchmarks and the chloasma or the dark patches all over their bodies, to those who still look pregnant after a month or even months after giving birth- cheers to us! We are are all beautiful and unbelievably strong and God has given us such a wonderful gift that's worth all these hardships and body changes… So cheer up Mama You really are amazing! To my Tobias- happy 1 month baby ko, you and kuya Noah are worth every stretchmarks, every body changes, every pain, every sleepless night and wouldn't trade you for anything. Thank You Jesus for the strength You provide, physically and emotionally, thank You for Your love that gives confidence to this mama and every mama reading this. Thank You Jesus!

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The beauty queen wrote on her post, “Just turned 36 years old! I have always had thick hair, but as I was tying my hair, Marco found a bald spot! So i took a photo to see it for myself and I started to worry.. and started googling.. turns out it’s a normal postpartum thing…”Β 

Based on, it was just a “temporary phase”. It further states that “the increased levels of estrogen freezes hair in the growing (or ‘resting’) phase of the cycle,” resulting in thicker hair during the pregnancy. And after giving birth, the “estrogen levels decline” the reason why hair starts to fall out.

It still bothered her but a Bible verse has this positive reminder in her about life and all the blessings, she added, “So I stopped, umawra, smiled and took selfies instead and thanked Him for the rest of my hair that’s not falling off and a million other things I should be grateful for and just gave Him all my worries and concerns. He holds my future so a head full of hair- He definitely can hold that together too! Bonus pa, He gave me a husband who said he loves me even if I turn bald!”

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