Miss Universe 2018: Compilation Of Celebrities’ Reactions To Catriona’s Victory

Here are the epic reactions of famous celebrities upon the announcement of Miss Universe 2018.

MISS UNIVERSE 2018 – Here is a compilation of the epic reactions of famous celebrities to the victory of Catriona Gray in Miss Universe.

Miss Universe Catriona Gray is everything that a beauty queen must have indeed. Her good soul and heart are very evident in her winning answer given 45 seconds only to respond.

Miss Universe 2018

This is the country’s fourth Miss Universe crown following the winnings of Miss Universe 1969 Gloria Diaz, Miss Universe 1973 Margarita Moran, and Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach.

Watch the epic reactions of famous celebrities upon announcement of winner:


Here the comments from the post:

Aiswarya: Wow…This this much support from her country. I’m just wowed. Yes ! This much luv n support keeps Philippines going strong in an international stage. That’s why more beauty queens emerge from Phillipines. Phillipinos are happy people. Enjoy the golden year with your queen.

Liberacion Tecson: This is why Filipinos are happy people because we feel that the success of anyone dear to us is also our success. The same is true on the contrary. When someone dies or sad we also involve ourselves to it. In other words – we are caring people; our being hospitable is because we put ourselves on some other’s shoes.

Mark Christian Lopez: We are back to back blocker. We blocked colombia from having back to back when Pia won. Now, we blocked south africa from winning back to back! AGAIN.


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