Cherie Gil Actor Etiquette Shared By Lea Salonga

 Here’s Cherie Gil actor etiquette as shared by Lea Salonga.

The Broadway Diva Lea Salonga shared Cherie Gil actor etiquette in a post to which has gathered numerous comments.

Cherie Gil is one of the most iconic actresses of the showbiz industry. She is very well-known for her roles in the shows and programs such as Marina, Gulong Ng Palad, Katorse, Dolce Amore, Onanay, Bituing Walang Ningning, and many more.

Cherie Gil Actor Etiquette

And from a veteran star, below are some actor’s etiquette from the actress herself as shared by the Broadway Diva Lea Salonga in a Facebook post:

NEVER ever kiss me in greeting , out of so called politeness and courtesy, if I don’t know who the hell you are ! Introduce yourself first . And pllleeeaaasssee don’t call me TITA unless we are blood related (or super super close fam friends)
NEVER ever echo the directors instructions to your co actor in the scene. Never TEACH your co actor or tell her / him how he should do the scene or his part UNLESS you need something from the actor which would help you in your own process. BUT ask kindly and humbly
NEVER look to your Cel phone or retouch while blocking / reading a scene ( I promise I’ll either slap you or walk out on you )
NEVER ever let ANY actor wait for you when called to the set. ESPECIALLY senior actors
Art is a collaboration. And there is always room to learn from and grow with one another. So … please throw your effing ugly EGO out the window.
There are various kinds of EGO btw. Learn the difference. KEEP the good kind which is necessary for creativity and your own preservation of self worth!

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