Road Rage Suspect With Special “8” Plate Arrested After Attacking Motorist

Road Rage Suspect With Special “8” Plate Arrested After Attacking Motorist During Traffic Altercation

The road rage suspect with special “8” license plate who attacked and harassed a motorist during a traffic altercation was caught on camera.

On Wednesday (November 14, 2018), the authorities reported that the suspect for a road rage incident with a special “8” license plate reserved for congressmen was arrested in the city of Tarlac.

The CCTV footage showing the suspect driving a Toyota Cruiser punched a motorist along McArthur Highway in Angeles City, Pampanga.

Road Rage Suspect

The suspect claiming to be a son of lawmaker allegedly drove too close to another vehicle Congressional Avenue in Quezon City.

The police said that the culprit who was working as an entertainer has been arrested at a gig on Tuesday night (November 12, 2018).

The authorities are now investigating how the suspect acquired a special license plate, which was reserved for the congressman.

Road Rage Suspect

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The police were not yet releasing the suspect’s name but claiming that he “Jojo Valerio”.

Road Rage Suspect

However, the Facebook page “Weblogph_page” was claiming that the road rage suspect was Congressman Jon Lazatin of Pampanga.

Road Rage Suspect

As of now, there is still no confirmation regarding the real identity of the suspect but he was not a relative of Pampanga Rep. Carmelo Lazatin II.

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