No More Rice Variety Labels – The Department Of Agriculture

The Department of Agriculture Removes the 5 Rice Variety Labels

The Department of Agriculture and the private sector agreed to remove the 5 rice variety labels in the market.

Rice is a Filipino’s daily meal to satisfy hunger and the need for energy and strength. The government made a move to make sure they are paying a manageable fair price.

Based on a report from Inquirer, the Agriculture Secretary, Emmanuel Piñol, stated that the rice labels will be removed.

The government has already consulted with the industry stakeholders and they have agreed to impose an SRP for the four of the five rice varieties.

The Department of Agriculture
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The Sinandomeng, Super Angelica, Yummy Rice, Mindoro Dinurado, and Double Diamond rice labels are now restricted.

“Everybody is selling fake Dinorado, people are claiming Sinandomeng, which we don’t have a rice variety of such kind,” Emmanuel Piñol said.

Rice Variety Labels
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It is to avoid the customers from being fooled into buying fake rice variants and protects customers from costly food items.

According to the report, the prices of rice reached up to a higher price a few months ago because of tight supply.

Now, the Philippines are declining the arrival of imported rice because Filipino rice farmers will be harvesting soon.

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This coming October 23, those rice mentioned above will only be labeled as local, well-milled rice, imported regular-milled rice, and special rice.

Imported regular-milled and well-milled rice should be sold at P37 and P40 per kilo, while the local regular-milled and well-milled rice should be sold at P39 and P44 per kilogram.

Except for the rice variants such as Jasmine and Japanese fancy rice, their prices will not be regulated.

Emmanuel Piñol
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Based on the report, the Department of Agriculture secretary expressed that they are doing everything they can to protect the local farmers.

This action of the government is the response to the demand of President Duterte to dispense affordable prices of rice.

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1 thought on “No More Rice Variety Labels – The Department Of Agriculture”

  1. This price of rice for the filipino farmers which the govt. wants is discouraging for the farmers
    in which the cost of production is high. If NFA will buy direct to the farmers the price of P 22.00
    per kilo as the lowest moisture without deductions farmers will survive and a gain for there harvest.
    Govt. import rice from other countries that they were subsidized the price. they did not help
    filipino farmers to subsidized the cost of production not like other countries they subsidized Fertilizers, insecticides, mollacizides , fungicides. when times comes disaster farmers have no
    capital to pursue planting . it just like president Marcos that farmers have given priorities in
    in rice production so the Philippines Export our rice to other countries. My recomendation is give
    the NFA the power to buy all production of the Farmers give subsidized the cost of production and we will sure a good harvest and export out rice to other countries.


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