Gorgeous Flight Attendant Caught The Attention Of Social Media Users

Gorgeous Flight Attendant Capture The Hearts Of Netizens

A sexy and gorgeous flight attendant caught the attention of the social media users after a passenger took candid shots of her during flight.

Nowadays, most people are taking aircraft for long distance travel in order to reach their different point of destinations.

Airlines were hiring flight attendants and stewardess to assist and serve the aircraft passengers during their flight.

Gorgeous Flight Attendant

Recently, a Facebook user named GeorGe Wong has uploaded the photos of a gorgeous yet sexy flight attendant inside the plane.

In the photos, it can be seen that the flight stewardess has a stunning beauty and curvaceous body figure capturing the heart of the netizens.

After Wong uploaded the candid photos of the flight attendant, several social media users were able to identify the gorgeous airline crew as Mabel Goo, a Malaysian national.

Gorgeous Flight Attendant

The online community could not help but admire Mabel’s beauty after her photos spread on the social media.

Gorgeous Flight Attendant

Aside from being a flight attendant, Mabel is also a freelance model because of her stunning looks and she is also a freelance dancer.

Here are more photos of Mabel Goo:

Gorgeous Flight Attendant

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