Buwis Buhay Rescue Video During Tamugan River Tragedy Goes Viral

Buwis Buhay Rescue Video During Tamugan River Tragedy Goes Viral

The “Buwis Buhay Rescue” video footage during the Tamugan River tragedy goes viral online after it was posted on the social media.

Nowadays, there are a lot of videos uploaded in the social media showing how Good Samaritans help less-fortunate people in public places.

The kind-hearted people usually earn recognitions and admirations from the online community because of their goodness towards others.

Buwis Buhay Rescue

Recently, the Facebook page “Trending TV” has uploaded the video footage of a “Buwis Buhay Rescue” showing how a brave man save four people trapped in Tamugan River.

In the video, it can be seen how the courageous man risks his own life just to save the young children trapped in the river.

The man was able to rescue all the victims in the river although he put his life at stake just to help others.

The video has a caption of:

“Eto po yung Tamugan River tragedy kahapon, buti na lang nailigtas ang apat na tao, eto ang tunay na bayani, buwis buhay na pag rescue, pasikatin natin ang lalaking ‘to na nagpamalas ng kabayanihan..”

The social media users have also expressed their reactions towards the video:

Buwis Buhay Rescue

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