Monsour Del Rosario Reveals Something About Ex-Girlfriend Agot Isidro

Gold medalist Monsour Del Rosario talks about ex-GF Agot Isidro.

MONSOUR DEL ROSARIO – The Makati City First District Representative Monsour del Rosario has said something about his ex-girlfriend Agot Isidro as a known critic of the present administration.

Veteran actress Agot Isidro is one of the known critics of the present administration. She was never hesitant in expressing her sentiments to what she thinks is wrong with the government.

Meanwhile, Makati City First District Representative Monsour del Rosario is under the Partido Demokratiko Pilipino–Lakas ng Bayan or the PDP Laban.

And Monsour and Agot have previously been in a relationship but it did not work out. Dawn Zulueta is also an ex-girlfriend of the Seagames Taekwondo gold medalist.

In a report from PEP, Monsour has the possibility of running as a senator for the upcoming election.

Her ex-girlfriend Agot is also on the list of those who are pushed to run for a position.

And his reaction over the possibility that they will go against each other, he said, “Okay lang. But knowing Agot, I don’t think she will accept because, as far as I know, she doesn’t want politics.”

This, he based, as to what he had known her 20 years ago.

“Okay lang, hindi naman kami nagkakausap. Hindi kami nagkikita. Happy lang ako na nag-move on siya sa buhay niya after na mag-separate siya sa asawa niya,” he said, on the other hand, being Agot as a critic of Duterte.

“Okay lang, personal opinion niya iyan and I respect that. For as long as you respect me, walang pilitan. I don’t force you, you don’t force me, we won’t fight,” he further as per the report.

However, if Monsour will not be chosen to run for a senatorial position, he will still run as a congressman of Makati.

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