What If Philippines Will Suffer Intense Hunger Like In Other Countries

Undeniably the Philippines is Still an Ideal Place Despite Some Realities

PHILIPPINES – What if the people in the Philippines will suffer intense hunger like in other countries?

Undeniably, many Filipino people think that the situation in the Philippines is getting worst. The increasing prices of the basic commodities, the unemployment rate, and many more pushed them to believe that way.

The fact that even celebrities are faced with financial struggles ignited the thought. There are also prominent people who are now living a different kind of life. Things can really happen in a snap.

Nevertheless, everyone is entitled to his or her own view of certain matters. If you would see things in a different way, PH is still an ideal place to live in. That is despite the increasing inflation rate, unemployment rate, and so much more.

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In other countries, like for example in Venezuela, the people are starving to death. They have no choice but to flee for food to Colombia and many are crossing the Simon Bolivar Bridge in the hope to get some help.

What if that situation will happen too in the Philippines?

Undeniably, PH is really a blessed country that is why many nations tried to take it before. In the case of putting it in Venezuela’s situation, with its strong ties with other nation, several countries would surely extend a helping hand.

Meanwhile, the Filipino people won’t surely allow things to get to that extent. Parents will surely do everything so their family can have something to eat even it means getting back to planting. The government will surely do everything it can to bring food and water to the people.

The Philippines was faced with big challenges since time immemorial. There is a great hope that she and her people can withstand whatever comes her way.

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