Ruffa Gutierrez Cries After Receiving Wedding Invitation From Ex-Husband Yilmaz Bektas

Here’s the reaction of Ruffa Gutierrez when she received a wedding invitation from her former husband.

RUFFA GUTIERREZ – The famous personality Ruffa Gutierrez reportedly cried after receiving a wedding invitation from ex-husband Turkish businessman Yilmaz Bektas.

The actress Ruffa Gutierrez, as much as everyone is probably aware of, was previously married to the Turkish businessman Yilmaz Bektas. They got married last May 25, 2003, and have had a second one in an old palace in Turkey.

However, with all the controversial dilemmas that have happened when they got together, the two have decided to end their marriage which lasted for four years.

They had their separate lives with their daughters – Lorin and Venice – under the custody of Ruffa.

Ruffa is currently in a relationship with Jordan Mouyal, a French Israeli.

But recently, as reported by PEP several days ago, it was Ruffa’s mother, Annabelle Rama who revealed that she cried when she received a wedding invitation from her ex-husband.

“Bakit ka umiiyak? Gusto mong bumalik sa kanya para bugbugin ka naman? Hayaan mo na siya, meron ka na rin naming boyfriend na PG,” Annabelle accordingly said to her daughter.

Also, the Turkish businessman wished to have his daughters attend his wedding in Turkey.

In a report from GMA way back 2007, Ruffa claimed that she is a battered wife—surviving electrocution, 15 hours of torture, etc.

While Bektas, on his part, revealed that his marriage with her is null and void for she is married to a certain Ricard Daloia.

Thus, these controversies have prompted for the couple to end their marriage.

Everything has been said and the damage has been done. And in the end, Yilmaz apologized to Ruffa and to her mother.

“I am sorry to you and mother Annabelle. Hope one day you will forgive me. I know how difficult. Never I didn’t want to be disrespect, never I am thinking will gonna happened like this, what I did until today. It was just I try getting my family back,” he said.

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  1. Ma’am Ruffa, ramdam ko rin Yong naramdaman mo,pero mas mabuti na Yong kalayaan mo ngayon kay sa nasa poder kapa sa ex husband mo,alam na alam mo ang masakit mo na kahapon,,at ramdam ko din na mahal mo pa siya,ex husband,,,laban lang at malampasan mo din ang lahat,

  2. You have been a good mother,a good role model.You’ve loved him,we thought it was forever.U deserved to be happy.God bless.🌈🌠🌻


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