Ethel Booba Expresses Her Thoughts On Mocha Uson’s Statement About Federalism

This is the reaction of Ethel Booba on Mocha Uson’s statement about Federalism

Comedienne Ethel Booba reacted to the statement of Presidential Communications Operations Office Assistant Secretary Mocha Uson regarding Federalism.

It can be recalled that the term that Uson used to promote it went controversial. People had various reactions about her statement and it garnered criticism from celebrity Agot Isidro, who is known to be a critic of Duterte administration.

Another celebrity expressed her thoughts about this and it is Ethel Booba. She uses the Twitter as a medium to express her thoughts regarding various issues in the society.

Ethel Booba
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Though she frequently uses the word “Charot” in her statements, but the message she wants to convey is very clear.

Regarding Federalism, the singer-comedienne said that there should be someone who will explain the negative and the positive side of this form of government.

Of course, she always includes her comedic blow.

“Sana explain nila ang good and bad sa federalism. If may chance ba na tumaas ang tax na babayaran or bumaba. How many states should PH have under federalism. Like solid, liquid and gas ayyy states of matter pala yun. Charot!” she wrote.

One netizen asked her if she will accept the offer of the government to take her as a lecturer regarding Federalism.

The comedienne answered this with:

“Hindi, malay ko naman sa topic na yan. Dapat kinukuha nila ay expert pero kayang explain in an easy way para mas madaling intindihin ng kababayan natin just incase magtransition tayo sa Charotism este sa Federalism. Charot”

(screenshot from @IamEthylGabison Twitter)

It seemed that the supporters of Asec. Uson took her tweet negatively and so she received criticisms.

Mocha Uson
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Ethel answered one tweet from a netizen which unavailable now. She said that she is not against Federalism. All she wanted to point out is to have someone who will elaborate to people this idea.

(screenshot from @IamEthylGabison Twitter)
Another supporter of Uson said that she is just insecure about the Assistant Secretary. Ethel had a hilarious way to answer this.
(screenshot from @IamEthylGabison Twitter)

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