Sondos Alqattan’s Say On Day-Off Grant To OFWs Makes Brands Cut Ties With Her

Brands Stop Making Business with Sondos Alqattan Following Her Remarks on Day-Off Grant To OFWs

SONDOS ALQATTAN – Several brands reportedly decided to cut ties with social media influencer Sondos Alqattan following her remarks on the day-off grant to overseas Filipino workers.

The statement of Sondos Alqattan on the new law allowing the OFWs to keep their passports and granting them a day-off has earned her criticisms from netizens on the social media and as well as other online personalities.

Based on a report, the Kuwaiti social media influencer expressed that she does not anymore want a Filipino maid. She raised a question on who would refund her money in case the helper goes home.

Lots of people did not like what Sondos Alqattan said. One of them is Emirati social media star Khalid Al Ameri who explained that workers are humans and not robots and they need a day to enjoy life. He emphasized that almost all jobs around the word offer a day off.

Sondos Alqattan

Based on a report on Gulf, following her controversial remarks on the day-off grant to OFWs, three international brands have decided to cut ties with Sondos Alqattan.

The Max Factor is a giant cosmetic brand. Its spokesperson told Gulf News that they were surprised with the remarks of the Kuwaiti social media influencer. They have suspended all works with her.

“We are absolutely shocked by the behaviour of Sondos Alqattan, and we deeply regret the relationship with her,” the spokesperson said in an email to Gulf News.

Based on the report, Chelsea Beautique which is based in London and M. Micallef which is a French perfume brand also fired Sondos.

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