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5:11 AM July 21, 2018

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5:11 AM July 21, 2018

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Sondos Alqattan, Kuwaiti Social Media Star Rants Filipino Workers Don’t Deserve Day-Off

A Kuwaiti social media star believes that Filipino domestic helpers don’t deserve a day-off and complained of not surrendering their passports.

Sondos Alqattan, a Kuwaiti social media personality is now receiving a lot of criticisms online for her distasteful remarks towards Filipino workers.

The Twitter page TRT World has shared the video of Alqattan complaining about Filipino workers for not surrendering their passports to their employer.

Kuwaiti Social Media Star

Kuwaiti Social Media Star

The social media star also believes that Pinay domestic helpers do not deserve a day-off, which drew flaks online.

The Kuwaiti celebrity has been heavily criticized in the social media because of her inhumane comments towards Filipino migrant workers.

Here are some of the comments:

Metamorphosis “4645” rox: “I don’t understand her comment about the “servant” running away, who will refund her. For what? The person already did the job. There’s no refund. Did I miss something?”

asiidAbs: “they still believe in slavery, servant is just the title renamed for the 20th century, job description is still the same”

Leo 77: “Shameful demand by a shameless woman !!! Philipino workers in Kuwait definitely need a day off each week – & keep their own passports !!!”

Jasmine DM Summers: “The woman is encouraging slavery. She wants workers work 24/7 like machine and keep their passports lol shameless”

Alamira Alonto: “Hit her where it hurts and keep reporting her pages until they’re all taken down. When she no longer has a platform for her make up, she can stay at home & clean her house herself! After all, she thinks a day off a week is already asking too much of employers.”

Bryan esplago: “WRONG! Maltreatment and domestic abused is the main caused of run away servant in the middle east. So there is a huge issue on most middle eastern people and family and only in middle east!

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