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5:59 AM July 11, 2018

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5:59 AM July 11, 2018

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Japan In Dire Situation As They Thrive To Save More Victims Of Worst Flood

Japan is currently struggling, with 155 left dead by the worst flood in decades.

Rescuers are currently searching for more victims of the flood. Previously, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe warned the people of a “race against time” in rescuing victims trapped in the flood.

Even more, over 50,00 workers were dispatched and responded to the crisis. Based on the report, the death toll rose up to 75, surpassing the record rain in 2014, with the count at 74.

As of now, 67 people are currently missing, according to the government. Furthermore, survivors face health issues from high temperatures and a short supply of water.


According to Independent, Abe postponed an overseas trip to tend to the situation, which, affected millions of people in their homes.  He faced criticism after he was pictured dining with the defense minister and other lawmakers last week.

Power has been restored to most houses as of the moment, yet 200,000 remain without water access nor shelter to cover them from the sun. At least 155 people were left dead by the flood.

According to the report, Japan’s finance minister, Taro Aso, told that “there have been requests for setting up air-conditioners due to rising temperatures above 30 degrees today”. He added that they “need to restore lifelines”.

More importantly, Taro also said that the government set aside 70 billion yen for the infrastructure. Elsewhere, the locals recall “close calls” narrating their encounters.

“It was close. If we had been five minutes later, we would not have made it,” said Yusuke Suwa.

“It was dark and we could not see clearly what was happening, although we knew water was running outside,” he added.

A woman in her 40s said that “everything was destroyed” and both of their cars were totaled as well.

“We don’t know how long we’re allowed to stay here. Finding a place to live in, even if it’s temporary, is our top priority,” she said.

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