Weird Formation Of Clouds Spotted In Zamboanga City

The weird formation of clouds was spotted over Caragasan Maasin in Zamboanga City and garnered various reactions from the netizens.

The cloud is a particle suspended in the atmosphere of a planetary body but mostly consist of a visible mass of liquid droplets.

Clouds are formed as a result of the saturation of the air when it is cooled, which can be seen in various and countless types of shapes.

Weird Formation

Recently, the Twitter page “The Philippine Star” has uploaded several photos and a video of strange cloud formation over Caragasan Maasin in Zamboanga City.

In the photos, it can be seen that the clouds are formed like a flying saucer, which stirred speculations online.

Weird Formation

The video also shows the live footage of the strange formation of clouds earning various reactions for the social media users:

Limar Sinangote: “Flying saucer? Like the independence day movie”

Isaiah Vince Aparece: “actually isang malaking portal yan nga mga alien hahaha…”

Elmer Bien: “NATURE is my god?
Earth is my church.
Respect nature!!”

Rheena Mangaoang: “Looks like a boat that went down”

Rene Venezuela: “paalala lang yan kay PRESIDENTE…”

Aldren Omerta: “natural lng yan dami yan sa ibang lugar

Jef Gaspar: “May scientific explanation po dyan, ang density ng molecules na nabubuo sa clouds ay ngkakaroon ng atomic explosion na kung saan ang columbus cloud at aero magnetic anti radiation fields ay ngbabangga sa loob kaya ngkakaroon ng strange shape. O di kaya ang pingsamang air decompression with spagetti sauce at air evaporation jutsu na kapag pinaghalo e gnyan ang kaalabasan. Hehe jk lang ginaya ko lang si empoy. Bye”

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