Saab Magalona’s Treatment Towards Housemaid Revealed

This is how compassionate Saab Magalona is as an employer.

SAAB MAGALONA – The famous female personality Saab Magalona has posted something on social media involving her son’s maid which showed what kind of an employer she is.

Saab Magalona is the daughter of the country’s “Master Rapper” Francis Magalona and her siblings Elmo and Maxene were also both in the entertainment industry.

Saab Magalona is married to Jim Bacarro and they are supposedly going to parents of a twin but they have unfortunately lost the other one, baby Luna, but luckily, baby Pancho was able to survive.

According to a previous report, baby Pancho had a surgery while grieving over losing baby Luna.

Saab might still be grieving over her great loss but she never made it as an excuse to change something in herself as a mother and as a wife or even being an employer and as a person.

Recently, on Twitter, Saab has shared in a thread about the passport of her son’s yaya which was still held by the agency as her yaya was formerly an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW).

“Pancho’s yaya was a former OFW and today I asked her if she had a valid passport. She told me that her old agency was holding it and won’t release it unless she pays 5k for her medical exam. Called them to inquire and omg they were so rude!!! “Wag mo akong ine-english” levels,” she initially wrote in a post.

She further added that when she was the one who inquired in the agency about the matter, the amount being asked was changed the reason why she got more annoyed and angry over the agency who is accordingly taking advantage of her Yaya.

Moreover, they are helping their yaya pay the loan as she has signed the contract agreeing to the deal to pay 11,880 monthly for 10 months for the P60,000 she loaned as placement fee.

A lot of netizens has then admired Saab for being so kind-hearted to their Yaya and being so compassionate which showed what kind of a person she is and as an employer.

Moreover, the netizens said that the yaya is so lucky for having an employer like Saab.

See thread below:

Saab Magalona
Photo grabbed on Twitter (@saabmagalona)
Saab Magalona
Photo grabbed on Twitter (@saabmagalona)

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