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8:34 AM May 18, 2018

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8:34 AM May 18, 2018

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Julia Barretto Reveals How She Deals With Comments

JULIA BARRETTO – Young Kapamilya actress Julia Barretto sometimes responds to negative criticisms and leave classy responses for the bashers.

Actress Julia Barretto is undeniably one of the prominent and most beautiful young stars that the Philippine showbiz industry has now. She is the daughter of former actress Marjorie Barretto and comedian Dennis Padilla.

Just like her mom and aunts Claudine and Gretchen, Julia’s beautiful face never fails to hook admirations from people. She is also an excellent actress and even her aunt Claudine is greatly impressed by her acting skills.

Based on a report, Julia Barretto is half of the loveteam ‘JoshLia’ alongside with former Pinoy Big Brother housemate Joshua Garcia who is her rumored boyfriend. The two young celebrities have worked together on several hit projects.

Julia Barretto

@juliabarretto IG

Joshua Garcia and Julia Barretto starred in the movies Vince And Kath And James, Unexpectedly Yours, and Love You To The Stars And Back. They are also currently working on a movie project with Queen of All Media Kris Aquino.

Aside from her beauty and her brilliance in acting, Julia also gained praises for her wit. It is no secret to the public that celebrities deal not just with praises but as well as negative criticisms that are sometimes really going below the belt.

The thing about Julia Barretto is that when she sometimes respond to criticisms, she does it with class.

Based on a report in Pep, in response to a netizen who branded her as a second choice for a role in the movie Vince And Kath And James, the young actress stated that she feels motivated to do good and to “keep going, keep pushing and keep trying” until she becomes the person she has always dreamt herself to be.

The star from the Barretto clan also thanked the basher for being another reminder to her not to give up.

Julia Barretto

@juliabarretto IG

Previously, she was also accused of snubbing fans and it earned her negative criticisms based on the report. On her part, she expressed that she would not allow a “fifteen-second video” to define her.

Speaking to Pep, Julia Barretto revealed how she deals with comments. According to her, she never really checks comments and if she sees one, she just “shrug it off” as she feels that it is a waste of energy if she will dwell on the criticism.

Based on the report, in a message to her bashers, the young actress expressed that she feels that they should stop from what they’re doing.

“Maybe their lives would be much lighter, much better, and more positive if they take that first step,” she said.

Joshua Garcia, Julia Barretto

Photo Courtesy: Shiela Reyes, ABS-CBN News

Together with Joshua Garcia, Julia Barretto is an endorser of the famous mobile brand Oppo. She admitted that she feels flattered and grateful that the company trusted them with their product.

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