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12:29 AM May 10, 2018

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12:29 AM May 10, 2018

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Eric Quizon Reveals How Recipient of ‘Dolphy Comedy King Award’ Was Chosen

ERIC QUIZON – Actor-director Eric Quizon broke his silence on the ‘Dolphy Comedy King Award’ to be given by the Filipino Academy of Movie and Sciences Awards (FAMAS) to Vice Ganda.

Based on a reportIt’s Showtime host Vice Ganda is the recipient of the Dolphy Comedy King Award which would be given in June. However, the announcement elicited a negative statement from entertainment writer Gorgy Rula.

The writer reportedly stressed that Kapuso actor-television host Vic Sotto has more achievements than the Kapamilya comedian although the latter is the “box-office winner” and the “most bankable star”.

Vice Ganda reacted to the criticisms of Gorgy Rula over his award. According to the report, he suggested options on how to make the writer happy and one of it is to pass the award to the latter after he will receive it on stage so he can give to whoever he wants it to have.

Eric Quizon

Photo lifted from IMDb

Based on a recent report in Pep, speaking to the source, actor-director Eric Quizon, the son of the late Comedy King Dolphy, broke his silence on the ‘Dolphy Comedy King Award’ to be given to Kapamilya comedian Vice Ganda.

According to Eric, the people behind FAMAS called him and informed him that they will be giving out a special award which is the ‘Dolphy Comedy King Award’. He expressed that he just told them to fix the process in finding for the recipient and there should be a research and a survey.

“Sabi ko sa kanila, pagkatapos ng research saka ng survey… who seems to be deserving, I would give my recommendation. Ganun yun. Ganun yung process namin,” he said.

Based on the report, Eric Quizon revealed that only Vice Ganda’s name came out of the survey. No list of comedians was given out as it is not a contest.

“I don’t want to have… na magkaroon ng issue na pinagpilian, e. Ayoko ng ganun. As what I said, it’s not a contest. It’s a citation. It’s a recognition,” he expressed.

Vice Ganda

@praybeytbenjamin IG

Vice Ganda

@praybeytbenjamin IG

Based on the report, the FAMAS award to be given to Vice Ganda is apparently not a Lifetime Achievement Award. It is to be given to the comedian who has a big contribution to the movie industry.

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