12-Year-Old Boy Runs Away To Bali Using Parents’ Credit Card

12-Year-Old Boy Runs Away To Bali Using Parents’ Credit Card

A 12-year-old Australian boy ran away from home and fly alone to Bali, Indonesia using his parents’ credit card for his expenses.

A young boy from Sydney, Australia reportedly flies alone via Western Australian city of Perth on budget airline Jetstar heading to the Indonesian island of Bali.

The kid allegedly spends four days at a resort in Bali using the credit card of his parents after their family visited the Indonesian island once.

Credit Card

According to the report, the airlines knocked the boy’s attempt to book flights alone without a letter from his mother.

“We screamed, we begged for help (from Australian authorities) for weeks on end. When the first attempt to Indonesia took place, we were told his passport was going to be flagged,” his mother, Emma said quoted by ABS-CBN.

The Australian boy said that was allegedly told by airline staff that this he did not need permission from his parents to book flights.

Credit Card

The boy who wanted to go on an adventure spent about US$6,100 for checking into a hotel, hired a scooter and drank beer before a friend told his mother.

On March 8, the Australian Federal Police said that they were notified that the kid might leave the country before being told that he might be in Bali on March 17, 2018.

The Indonesia police found the young boy after the following day and taken by his parents back home.

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