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8:53 AM April 16, 2018

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8:53 AM April 16, 2018

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OFW Allegedly Experiences Stealing Incident In An Airport

OFW – A video of an overseas Filipino worker who allegedly experienced a stealing incident in an airport went viral on the social media.

Many of the Filipinos are working abroad to be able to give their loved ones a comfortable life. They go through being away from their families so they can be able to provide for their needs – put food on the table, send the children to school, and pay the bills among others.

However, at times, some unfair circumstances may happen to them despite all the sacrifices and the struggles that they are facing whenever they are away from their families.

Recently, a video of an OFW who was allegedly victimized by theft in an airport was posted on the social media. The said video which hooked the netizens was specifically posted on the Facebook account of ‘Joseph Bacalso Carillo’.

OFW Airport

Facebook/Joseph Bacalso Carillo

In the said video, a woman wearing a white cap could be seen checking on the things inside her bag. Her disappointment is visible on her face and her gestures as she checks on her stuff.

Many of the other flight passengers came to the woman who was really disappointed by her alleged experience in an airport

The video of the OFW who allegedly experienced a stealing incident in an airport went viral on the social media. As of the writing, it has already racked up more than fifty-two thousand likes on the online platform. Some netizens also dropped comments on the social media post.

One netizen, Sol Pili Bayran, asked the one who posted the video of the OFW if an action was done regarding the incident. Carillo answered in the affirmative but expressed uncertainty on whether the things allegedly stolen would be returned. In his post, he stated that laptop, perfumes, and chocolates were stolen.


Posted by Joseph Bacalso Carillo on Saturday, April 14, 2018

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