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3:17 PM April 14, 2018

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3:17 PM April 14, 2018

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Apple, Xiaomi & Other Phone Cases Allegedly Contain Harmful Substances

Apple, Xiaomi, and other popular phone cases allegedly contain harmful substances, according to the result of a study.

Recently, Shenzhen Consumer Council revealed that over 30 popular mobile phone covers created by 28 giant phone companies including Apple, Samsung, and Xiaomi allegedly contain toxic substances.

At least five of 28 brands contain harmful substances that have exceeded the limit and could possibly harm the health of the consumer. While the remaining 23 phone overs meet the standards.

Phone Cases

The unsafe phone covers were allegedly created by Apple and Xiaomi, which has been ordered from their official website.

iPhone case contains 47 times higher than the normal level of PAH, which could cause liver, bladder, stomach, and skin cancer.

Phone Cases

Xiaomi case alleged contains a massive amount plasticizers that could decrease fertility or lead to reproductive defects.

Phone Cases

Shenzhen Consumer Council led the investigation together with Shenzhen Institute of Consumption Quality (SICQ).

On Friday (April 13, 2018), Xiaomi defended the company and explained that SICQ uses EN 1437, which is a European standard focusing on child use and care.

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