Is Elisse Joson and McCoy de Leon’s relationship going through rough takes?

ELISSE JOSON – Young Kapamilya actress Elisse Joson clarified her previous statement over her relationship with Hashtags member McCoy de Leon.

One of the loveteams under the Kapamilya network now is the ‘McLisse’ – the on-screen pairing of young Kapamilya actor McCoy de Leon and actress Elisse Joson.

Based on a report, the two young celebrities are both former housemates of ABS-CBN reality show Pinoy Big Brother. It was in the PBB where McCoy and Elisse got close to each other and their fans and supporters started dubbing their pairing as ‘McLisse’.

Currently, Elisse Joson is rumored to be the girlfriend of McCoy de Leon. The two celebrities have yet revealed the real score between them.

Elisse Joson, McCoy de Leon

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Based on a report in Pep, Elisse Joson previously admitted that her relationship with McCoy de Leon’s going through something. Some people have perhaps misinterpreted the statement of the young actress.

Elisse Joson, McCoy de Leon

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Speaking to the source at the set of the ABS-CBN prime-time television series The Good Son, Elisse expressed that other people took her term ‘pinagdadaanan’ as a very big matter but she only means the normal experiences just like in other relationships.

According to the young actress, every relationship is going through something may it be a personal relationship or within loveteam partners.

Meanwhile, based on the report, Elisse Joson and McCoy de Leon are able to fix right away in case they have a misunderstanding. The actress stressed that it can be fixed by being open to each other and that’s what the two of them recently learn.

She revealed that, in their relationship, it is a “double effort” – sometimes she is the one who opens up to express her feelings while sometimes it would be McCoy who would initiate.

Elisse Joson, McCoy de Leon

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McCoy de Leon and Elisse Joson are both part of The Good Son which is down to its last few episodes. In the TV series, they are also playing the role of partners. Many of their fans and supporters are very eager to know where their love story would lead.

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