Angeline Quinto Reacts To Issue That Regine Velasquez’s Already “Laos”

What can Angeline Quinto say on the issue that Regine Velasquez is losing her stardom?

ANGELINE QUINTO – Singer and actress Angeline Quinto revealed her side on the issue that her fellow singer Regine Velasquez is losing her stardom.

Regine Velasquez is undeniably one of the Filipino singers who has really made a name in the music industry based on a report. She is not just a singer but also an actress who has starred several projects before. She is tagged as the country’s “Asia’s Songbird”.

Regine is now married to her fellow singer Ogie Alcasid. It was in 2010 when the two celebrities officially tied the knot. They now have a son named Nathaniel James or Nate.

The boy is the third child of the actor-singer as he has two daughters, Leila and Sarah, from his marriage with Michelle van Eimeren. They have a modern family as the ex-couple and their current partners have established a wonderful bond together with the kids.

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Recently, there are issues that Regine Velasquez is getting ‘laos’ now. The actress-singer previously admitted that she is losing her stardom and it is no longer very often that the concert producers would take her.


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One of the people who were greatly influenced by Regine Velasquez when it comes to music is singer-actress Angeline Quinto.

Based on a recent report in Philippines’ Ultimate Showbiz Hub (PUSH), the latter admitted that the Asia’s Songbird who is her idol has played a big role in her career as a performer.

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According to Angeline, for her, if Regine was able to say to herself and the people that she is losing her stardom, she has nothing left to prove. The singer-actress also revealed that she is often compared to the Asia’s Songbird and she is tagged as her successor in her singing style.

““Para sa akin, kahit sinong dumating, walang sinuman ang pwedeng pumalit sa kanya,” Angeline said according to the report.

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  1. Ate Regine is already a legend in the Philippine music industry laos term is not applicable to her! She has done everything aside from singing like acting,hosting, teleseryes and etc. In her 30 years in show business still she sold out 2 night concerts. She has nothing to prove! As a fan I will love her unconditionally no matter what.

  2. Ang mga taong nagsasabi nyan ay wala lang magawa sa kanilang buhay. Idol Regine ur a very best singer in this industry.


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