Christopher de Leon Breaks Silence On His Recent Accident

Christopher de Leon Meets Accident at Kambal Karibal‘s Set

CHRISTOPHER DE LEON – Kapuso actor Christopher de Leon broke his silence on his recent accident at the set of GMA-7’s television series Kambal Karibal.

Recently, an unexpected incident happened at the set of Kambal Karibal. Based on a report, during the filming of one of the scenes of the TV series, something went wrong and the adaptor landed on the thigh of actor Christopher de Leon.

It was entertainment writer Lolit Solis who previously disclosed some details regarding the accident of Boyet, the nickname of Christopher. He was brought to the hospital. Meanwhile, Lolit expressed relief on a social media post knowing that there are people who would take care of him.

Based on a recent report in Pep, Christopher de Leon was confined at Asian Hospital. The actor has already been discharged.

Christopher de Leon
Photo lifted from PINOYSTOP

According to the report, Christopher de Leon underwent surgery so the adaptor would be removed from his thigh. In an interview with the source, the Kapuso actor broke his silence regarding the incident.

He clarified that he spoke about his accident as it may also happen to other actors and even to the stuntmen. He raised the question asking about the assurance on the part of the actors from the “unfortunate incidents” just like what he recently experienced.

Actress Sandy Andolong’s husband admitted that he was already complacent as he has been doing action projects in the industry for years already.

“Kaya lang, ngayon lang ito nangyari sa akin… Sabi ng doctor, ‘Buti diyan ka lang tinamaan,'” he said.

Based on the report, Christopher de Leon revealed that the incident could have led to his death if the adaptor landed in other parts of his body. He stressed that the doctors find it hard to take the adaptor from his thigh.

“Sabi ko, ‘Pasensiya na kayo, magsasalita ako,’ Kasi hindi lang… maayos nga at ito lang nangyari sa akin. Sa akin nangyari ‘to. Pero papa’no yung iba, kung mga ibang artista, yung mga stuntmen… sasagutin din ba nila yun?” he stressed.

According to Christopher de Leon, there must really be an insurance. Indeed, filming a show does not only expose the actors and the stuntmen to hectic schedules but as well as risks in the pursuit to come up with an excellent one.

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