Kim Chiu Finally Reveals True Story Behind Fall On ASAP Stage

Kapamilya Star Kim Chiu Finally Reveals True Story Behind Fall On ASAP Stage

The Kapamilya actress Kim Chiu has finally revealed the true story behind her controversial fall on ASAP stage during a performance.

Kimberly Sue Yap Chiu or popularly known as Kim Chiu is undeniably one of the most prominent celebrities of her generation because of her impressive acting skills, singing, dancing, and other entertaining talents.

The celebrity has been already featured in different movie projects, television shows, and commercials. She even received numerous awards and nominations.

Kim Chiu

Last Sunday (February 18, 2018), Kim Chiu experienced another accident on stage during her dance prod together with Yassi Pressman, Arron Villaflor, and Enzo Pineda on ASAP.

It was not the first time that the actress had a mishap on ASAP stage during her performance, but it was already her third time.

Kim Chiu accidentally slipped off from the fiberglass panel where she is lying causing her to fall to the ground.

Kim Chiu

The 27-year-old actress immediately posts on her Twitter account explained what really happened to assure her fans that she is fine and they had nothing to worry about.

The Chinita princess wrote “hi im ok… no worries.. hindi lang na angat yung glass sa right side kaya hindi na balance, but keri lang, im ok!!”

Kim Chiu

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