Brave Policeman Courageously Preaches In Front Of Inmates Inside Jail

Brave Policeman Courageously Preaches In Front Of Inmates Inside Jail

The video of a brave policeman who courageously preaches the word of God in front of the inmates inside their jail cell goes viral online.

Policemen are public servants hired to enforce the law and to ensure the safety of the public from any incident of danger.

Law enforcers were authorized to use their power within their area of jurisdiction to fight any forms of criminal activities.

Brave Policeman

Nowadays, there are some police officers involved in illegal activities and drug-related cases due to financial necessities.

However, a certain policeman proves that public servants like them are not just law enforcers but also a brave army of Christ who was not ashamed of the gospel.

Recently, the Facebook page “Christian Thoughts PH” has uploaded the video footage of a brave cop courageously preached before the inmates.

Brave Policeman

In the video, it can be seen that the unnamed policeman called the attention of the prisoners and start to introduce himself not as a Priest or a Pastor, but a public servant who wants to serve God wholeheartedly.

After a few moments, the unidentified cop started to preach the word of God for a couple of minutes and pray for a change in lives of the inmates.

The social media users also lauded the policeman for his boldness in preaching the gospel:

Iglesias Myres: “Mapalad yung mga taong walang takot na ibahagi ang salita ng Diyos saan man sila naroon. ? God bless you Sir. Ipagpatuloy mu po yan.?? Tayong mga nakakaalam at nakakaintindi ng salita ng Diyos ay isang kagalakan ang makapagligtas ng mga naliligaw na kaluluwa.?
Praise God!”

Ednhardz Senilbag: “As i’m watching this video, my tears are we need this kind of police man in our present days.For God loves the sinners,and all need salvation thru preaching of the good news,that only Jesus Christ can save a sinner”

Maryjoice Camo Liwanagan: “ I’m super blessed when I watch this video this will prove that God is Working and the word of God is spreading in whole world. ? May God bless you Sir. We salute you.”

Richel Lemana: “Tama sir lhat tayo mamatay at Hiram lang natin tong buhay kya alagaan magsunod sa aral ng dyos at maging mabuti patuloy nyo ginagawa nyo sir marami pang hindi alam kung cno ang dyos sa kanilang buhay god bless us…”

Ruth Yamada: “God be with you and bless you the wisdom n courage to continue to share the Gospel of Salvation of Jesus Christ. Praying maraming ma convict na tumanggap kay Lord Jesus Christ as their Only God in Spirit and in Truth and only Savior Lord, Amen”

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