Ellen Adarna’s Jaw-Dropping Wealth, Other Family Businesses Revealed!

This is how rich Ellen Adarna is.

ELLEN ADARNA – The jaw-dropping wealth and other family businesses of Ellen Adarna have been revealed and set the netizens in awe.

Ellen Adarna, as much as everyone probably knows already, has come from a wealthy family in Cebu that even if she won’t have her career in the entertainment industry, she would still be able to have a life of luxury.

However, unlike any rich kid living comfortably, Ellen has gone through struggles and hard work.

She used to work with her father as a housekeeper and as his secretary.

Ellen Adarna
Photo lifted from Rappler

Upon entering show business, she was disowned by her father for 2 years and before reaching fame, she used to work to feed herself.

But the actress seemed to be currently doing fine with her rumored boyfriend John Lloyd Cruz.

Yet, on top of that, here are the things and pieces of evidence which showcases her luxurious life and wealth:

Family Businesses

Everyone is probably aware that the chain motel, the Queensland, is owned by her family spread across Manila, Cebu, and Davao.

But aside from that, the businesses of her family also includes various hotels, resorts, and condominiums.

They are also in the business of construction.

Ellen Adarna
Photo lifted from artistanow.com

Temple Of Leah

This has been built by her grandfather in honor of his wife and her deceased grandmother.

It has become a tourist spot and was even tagged as the “Taj Mahal” of the Philippines for it was built out of love.

Ellen Adarna
Photo lifted from artistanow.com
Ellen Adarna
Photo lifted from artistanow.com

Condominium Unit

Her condo unit in Malate has a great view of Manila Bay and Roxas Boulevard.

And the insides showcases so much elegance.

Ellen Adarna
Photo lifted from artistanow.com
Ellen Adarna
Photo lifted from artistanow.com
Photo lifted from artistanow.com


She travels in varied countries around the world.





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