Public School Teachers To Wait 2020 For Salary Increase Approval?

Public School Teachers To Wait  Up To Year 2020 For Salary Increase Approval?

The public school teachers would allegedly wait up to the year 2020 before the requested salary increase will be granted.

Benjamin Dioknio, the secretary of the Department of Budget and Management (DBM) said that they need first to implement the Salary Standardization Law (SSL) approved by Congress before processing the public school teacher’s salary increase.

Diokno said that they were not allowed to overspend beyond the amount approved by the Congress, which was stated on SSL.

Public School Teachers

The DBM secretary also explained that SSL has 4 chapters and they are currently in the third chapter, so there was still a year remaining before it could be implemented in 2019.

He also explained that the teachers would have an increase in their salary under SSL aside from the additional take-home pay under Tax Reform Acceleration and Inclusion Law (TRAIN).

DBM would also form an independent firm to study on how much amount would be added to the proposed salary increase of public school teachers and other government personnel.

Public School Teachers

As of now, public school teachers 1 earns a monthly salary of P20, 179 under salary grade 11 of SSL’s 3rd chapter. While their annual bonuses and allowances have a total of P74, 358.

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