Shopper Surprised Over Newly-Bought Ice Cream Containing Frozen Spaghetti

Disappointed Shopper Surprised Over Newly-Bought Ice Cream Containing Frozen Spaghetti

A supermarket shopper was surprised and disappointed after opening a newly-bought ice cream containing frozen spaghetti, which is far from her expectations.

Most Filipino people feel disappointed after opening ice cream tub inside the freezers containing frozen fish staring back at us.

Recently, another disappointed netizen has shared what lies inside their newly purchased ice-cream tub on her social media account.

Newly-Bought Ice Cream

A Facebook user named Nikki Calalang has uploaded the photo of her mother’s newly-bought ice cream from Walter Mart San Fernando, which also surprised the social media users.

Calalang expects a creamy and delicious ice cream upon opening the container but disappointed after seeing a frozen spaghetti instead of a real ice cream.

Newly-Bought Ice Cream

The shopper posts the item’s photo in the social media and returned to the supermarket’s customer service to report the incident and it was replaced with a real ice cream.

Newly-Bought Ice Cream

The customer service also apologized and promised to investigate the unexpected incident, however they asked Nikki to take down her post.

Unfortunately, the netizen refused to take down her post because what just happened was really hilarious.

Newly-Bought Ice Cream

Here is the full post:

“My mama bought an ice cream at Walter Mart San Fernando. Pagbukas namin, spaghetti yung laman. LEGIT, I SWEAR HAHAHAHHAHA :(((

Hello Walter Mart Supermarket, pa-refund gusto ko ng icecream. Not frozen spaghetti ?

Edited update:
Okay, so we went back, went straight to the Customer Service. Same old, they apologized and replaced the spaghetti with a real ice cream. It was okay. They told us that they’re going to investigate, see who put that there and all that.

They asked me to take down the post, I said no. ? It’s not like we’re mad or something. It was really just hilarious. Coz it really was ?

Anyway, they didn’t give us anything other than the ice cream. No complimentary ice cream…. I was really waiting for another ice cream tub jk (1/2).”

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