Woman Loses Her Phone, Worries About Private Photos, Videos Might Spread Online

Woman Loses Her Phone, Worries About Private Photos, Videos Might Spread Online

A certain woman lost her mobile phone and worrying that her private photos and videos might post by the snatchers in the social media.

A woman hidden in the Wilma asked helped from Pinamungajan Police Station and reported that her smartphone was stolen by two men riding a motorcycle.

The snatching incident happened last December 30, 2017, in Barangay Poblacion, Pinamungajan, Cebu.

Private Photos

The 29-year-old victim was afraid that the snatchers might find her nude photos and sex video with her foreigner boyfriend.

The suspects message the complainant via Facebook Messenger and asking for P5, 000 to keep her files from spreading in the social media.

Wilma told PO2 Alfredo de Gracia Jr. of Pinamungajan Police Station that she begged for the thieves not to post her nude photos and controversial video online to spare her family from shame.

The victim also explained that the culprits were extorting money from her, demanding her to send via money transfer in a pawnshop.

The authorities told Wilma not to pay the full amount and contacted the pawnshop both in Pinamungajan and Toledo City.

An amount of P2, 000 was sent by Wilma to a Jescel Garupel Cabanes, who was named by the suspects to claim the money. The culprits urge Wilma to immediately pay the remaining P3, 000.

The pawnshop’s management in Barangay Don Andres Soriano, Toledo City has alerted the Pinamugajan Police Station after the woman claimed the cash send by the complainant.

Cabanes was arrested by de Gracia and his teammates after claiming the amount. Cabanes told the police that her conspirators are Rodney Cañete and Carlo Olimba.

Cañete, Cabanes, and Olimba are now facing charges of robbery with extortion.

As of now, Pinamangujan Police Chief Alfredo Kuhay Jr. said that they are still hunting the remaining suspects and looking for Wilma’s phone.

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